Okains Bay

The Okains Bay container home blends function and elegant design. This model is built for family living and boasts 2 bedrooms a bathroom plus ensuite. The 60 Sq metre Genuine Tiny Home is a popular model which comes with a spacious kitchen, generous dining and living areas.

$255-280,000      ($280,000 model shown)

60 sqm 2 x 40ft containers
12.3m long x 5.1m wide
Interior finishes and colours
-Gib with your choice of paint colour from Resene or Dulux palettes
-Plywood with various stain options
Exterior Cladding Options
-Colorsteel panels (various colours and profiles available)
-Timber board, panel or weatherboard
-Fascia bricks or tiles
Solar, Skylights, Decks, Paths, Appliances, Landscape designs and installation.

Why a Genuine Tiny Home?

Smart Money
Homeownership brings intangible benefits. They include a sense of stability, belonging to a community, and pride of ownership, along with the tangible ones of tax deductions and equity. It's an investment in your future.

Tiny Homes on wheels (THOW’s)
Recent government decisions in New Zealand have declared THOW’s are not homes, but in fact vehicles. As such it's unlikely to qualify for a home loan through a bank. Also, vehicles unlike houses depreciate over time, which makes them extremely poor investments. Some people complain there is no connection with the earth being on rubber wheels, unlike a house foundation.

On the other hand Genuine Tiny Homes are real homes, built on foundations, built to last and built to higher standards than the current NZ building code, making them a fantastic investment.