Our process

Genuine Tiny Homes are designed to be moved, approved, permitted and consented.

Whether you’re after a fully consented tiny house or a more temporary plug and play option we’re here to help. We offer a range of packages and support.

We take the worry out of building. With Genuine Tiny Homes, we take care of every aspect of getting you into your new home. In conjunction with you, we:

  • Help you decide which of our homes best suit your needs.

  • Help you decide on location and aspect.

  • If you want your home consented, we handle all that for you too.

  • We manufacture your home in our New Zealand facility with our New Zealand team of experts.

  • We deliver and install your home for you.

  • We hand over the keys to you and if you invite us, we will help you celebrate.

Genuine Tiny Homes Process

Stage 1 — Free initial consultation
  • Phone Consultation with our Salesperson or face to face at our display village in Christchurch

  • Desktop analysis of your site using existing aerial photos

  • Discuss house sizes and options

  • Verify your local zoning requirements

  • Identify potential constraints

  • Estimate foundation costs

  • Estimate delivery costs

  • Discuss our current lead times on building houses

  • Investigate site delivery and assess if any craneage required

  • If a site visit is required by one of our team, this may be a separate cost and     discussed with you at the time

  • Provide one estimate of house build cost

Stage 2 — Schematic design - $5,000
  • Visit site or carry out detailed desktop study of section

  • Finalise your house layout

  • Create a fixed price quote for your building

  • Complete schematic design of your home

    • Floor plan

    • Elevations

    • Site plan

    • 3D render

    • Specification of materials

    • Plumbing & electrical plan

    • Foundation details

  • Book your space in our workshop queue

  • Optional - Apply for a council PIM (Project Information Memorandum)
    This has a 20 working day turnaround and will tell us if there are any planning or District plan issues with the house proposal before we go for the more expensive and more involved planning application.

  • Costs vary from Council to Council, approx. $270-$600

    Christchurch City Council - Planning your building project

Stage 3 — Deposit payment - 10% of build cost
  • Finalise your house design

    • Both parties sign up to a building contract

    • Create engineering drawings

    • Submit full planning application to Council (Council consent costs will be the responsibility of the owner. These vary in cost from $3,000 to $8,000 depending on Council, size of building etc. New building sites may also incur an additional fee for Council Development Contributions. GTH will be able to provide the owner with more detailed information prior to submitting)

Stage 4 — Build commencement payment - 40% of build cost
  • Build commencement payment is paid prior to container structural build. Includes windows, doors, cladding etc.

  • Construction will commence within 3 weeks of this payment being received. 

  • At key stages of construction, we will provide updates and pictures of your Genuine Tiny Home.

Stage 5, 6 & 7
  • Stage 5 — Site delivery payment - 30% of build cost

    Site delivery payment is paid prior to delivery.  

    Once we confirm that your site is ready to receive your Genuine Tiny Home, we book the crane & trucks and send our installation team to your site.

  • Stage 6 – Fitout payment - 15% of build cost

  • Fit out payment is due once your container is on your site ready for fitting out. This phase will take your home through to Final Inspection.

  • Stage 7 –Final inspection payment - 5% of build cost

  • Final inspection payment is paid upon completion of all of our works to deliver your finished house. 

    Connection of utilities is not normally included in our contract.

    Decks, paths, landscaping, railings, stairs, solar and any other extra options are installed.

# Payment schedule can be discussed to meet your lender’s requirements

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