Our process

Genuine Tiny Homes are designed to be moved, approved, permitted and consented.

Whether you’re after a fully consented tiny house or a more temporary plug and play option we’re here to help. We offer a range of packages and support.

We take the worry out of building. With Genuine Tiny Homes, we take care of every aspect of getting you into your new home. In conjunction with you, we:

  • Help you decide which of our homes best suit your needs.

  • Help you decide on location and aspect.

  • If you want your home consented, we handle all that for you too.

  • We manufacture your home in our New Zealand facility with our New Zealand team of experts.

  • We deliver and install your home for you.

  • We hand over the keys to you and if you invite us, we will help you celebrate.

Genuine Tiny Homes Process

Stage 1 — Design discussion confirmation and specs
  • Phone Consultation with our Salesperson or face to face at our display village in Christchurch. 

  • When you are serious, a consultation and Placement fee $1,000 deductible from purchase price (non-refundable). 

  • Survey report and soil test – If required (paid by Client)

  • In depth discussions to assist in selecting your desired Genuine Tiny Home.

  • Your local zoning requirement verification

  • Estimated costs and timeline.

  • Potential constraints

  • Initial desktop site assessment 

  • Price for your new Genuine Tiny Home, complete with selected options from the Checklist of the model you are interested in.

  • Budgetary Estimate for the shipping, crane work, on-site installation and consent if required.

  • If a site visit is required by one of our team, this may be a separate cost and discussed with you at the time. 

  • Sign build contract

Stage 2 — Sign Manufacturing contract
  • Pay deposit of 15% of contract price (less placement fee) which includes:

  • Site specific plans and consent documents

  • Visual renders (drawings) of your building on your site

  • Other reports maybe required such as:

    • Structural Foundation design

    • Energy calculations

    • Civil Engineering

    • Septic design

    • Electrical plans

    • Plumbing plans

  • If any additional costs for these reports are required, we will advise you before engaging on your behalf.

  • Building consent
    Once all reports and documentation are completed, we will submit plans to council for consent if required, or your approval if a council consent is not required.

  • Planning consent
    If you are in doubt that your building works comply with the District plan for your site we recommend you submit a PIM (Project Information Memorandum) and we can assist you with this process. In the unlikely circumstances this results in a Resource Consent being required, we will provide you with guidance.

    Christchurch City Council - Planning your building project

Stage 3 — Payment 40%
  • Commencement payment is 40% and paid prior to container structural build includes windows, doors etc. Construction will usually commence 4 to 6 weeks after this payment is received. 

Stage 4 — Payment 30%
  • Fit Out payment is 30% prior to Fit-out this is usually due 3 to 4 weeks after structural manufacture has begun.

  • At key stages of construction, we will provide updates and pictures of your Genuine Tiny Home.

  • A local contractor begins site preparation and foundation work on your land.

Stage 5 — Payment 15%
  • Final inspection payment of 15% is paid upon your approval prior to deliver. This money is held in a separate trust account for release once we have issued your completion certificate. — Delivery, Installation and Celebration.

  • Once we confirm that your site is ready to receive your Genuine Tiny Home, we then book the crane, trucks and send our installation team to your site. Confirmation of the previous transport quote is obtained; any variations are at the homeowner’s expense.

  • Site utilities are then connected to the home once the modules have been installed and have been fixed to the foundation.

  • Decks, paths, landscaping, railings, stairs, solar and another other options’ are installed.

  • Final walkthrough and keys given to you and celebration.

# Payment schedule can be discussed to meet your lender’s requirements

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