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Genuine Tiny Homes are backed by decades of experience in container based design and small space living.

General Manager, Mark Bohan, is a true tiny house pioneer with extensive experience repurposing shipping containers for luxury modular dwellings including: rentals, family homes, offices, tiny houses and studios. “Our journey with container building and design began 25 years ago with a rising demand for eco friendly tourist rentals and more sustainable living options.”

Mark leads a team of dedicated professionals using the latest materials and designs for energy efficient tiny house living.

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When he started Genuine Tiny Homes, Bryan Staples was motivated by two key factors - the need for affordable housing in New Zealand and a desire to create a quality product that would enrich people's lives. 

A good business should help people, says Bryan. “Not enough is being done to address high building costs and the restrictive planning rules that prevent affordable home ownership for many kiwis”. 

Bryan describes himself as an entrepreneur and businessman with a strong dislike for injustice. He arrived in New Zealand back in 2011 and immediately set about helping people with their insurance claims. 

Outside of work Bryan has a love of cooking and entertaining. With family connections from Poland, Sri Lanka, Italy and China he sees sharing food as a way of creating a sense of community while valuing his diverse cultural influences and background.


General Manager

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It’s thanks to the imagination of people like Mark Bohan that container home living has become an architectural trend of note in New Zealand. 

Mark has been reshaping and repurposing containers for more than twenty-five years and is the go-to guru for container creations at Genuine Tiny Homes.

“We started from scratch with our Genuine Tiny Home designs because we wanted to come up with something of real quality; a place that was comfortable and you could really call home”. 

Mark says he takes pride in knowing that is exactly what the company has done. Golf, family and friends keep Mark busy, that’s if you can coax him away from work and his next container-based creation.


Financial Manager

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Balance sheets and budgets may be Leon’s focus, but you are as likely to hear him talking about the Devonshire Quarrenden or Laxton Fortunes - he’s also an avid fan of heritage fruit trees and orchards.

Leon describes his job as taking care of business by making sure everyone is happy and gets paid. But he’s also been closely involved in the company’s drive to create affordable housing options for people at “different ages and different stages”.  

When he’s not with family or the community orchard, during the winter months, Leon indulges a lifelong passion for skiing. Oh, and congrats! for good measure he recently completed a law degree.


Office Manager

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Our office administrator Natalie is an admin powerhouse, not to mention a proud mother and owner of a small furry Pomeranian Chihuahua-cross called Loki - a real trickster. 

Having spent more than a decade based in the Netherlands, Natalie says she’s used to living in smaller homes and spaces where comfort is considered more important than size. Little surprise Natalie is such a big fan of tiny houses and container home living. 

When she goes “granny” Natalie plans to buy her own Genuine Tiny Home and has her eyes set on our Port Levy model, which she says will make downsizing a dream.


Workshop Manager

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Bend me, shape me, anyway you want me - lyrics from an old sixties pop tune and an apt description for Richard’s skills with anything metal. 

Richard runs our workshop and has been reshaping containers for more than fifteen years. With expertise in machining, toolmaking and fabrication, he loves seeing container homes evolve from a “bare shell into a new Genuine Tiny Home”. 

As a family man, his main focus outside the job is his wife and two children. Richard is also an avid follower of motorsports.


Fabricator / Leading Hand

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Fabricator, welder, spray painter and forklift driver Aaron is another multi-skilled overachieve in the workshop. 

Like Richard, Aaron has been part of the container build team since the early days and describes getting a “real buzz” out of creating new products in the Genuine Tiny Homes range. 

Outside of work Aaron is known to have a fondness for horse racing - both owning and training.



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Danny has a big personality with an even bigger work ethic. 

“I’ve always worked hard”, says Danny. As a young child he started as a market vendor in the Philippines selling newspapers to earn money for his family. 

A Kiwi for more than thirty years, he’s the proud father of three children. When asked about his hobbies? Danny smiled saying “talking to my mates”.  Which might explain all the laughter at work.



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When it comes to painting and prep John is front and centre.

A family man, with two young children John is also from the Philippines originally. He speaks every day to his wife and children via computer. They’ve been separated for more than a year because of Covid.

John can’t wait to welcome his family to their new home here in New Zealand, and we can’t wait to see them reunited.


Genuine Tiny Homes is Hiring!

Genuine Tiny Homes is a great place to work, we are market leaders in our chosen field. We take pride in our team and our product our clients and treat everyone like family.

As a company with a wide scope of work, we have a significant choice of employment pathways. We facilitate a range of accredited and non-accredited programs that allow us to develop and mentor both new and existing talent through up-skilling, re-skilling and cross-skilling opportunities.  Leveraging and retaining exceptional talent within our business is a core priority for Genuine Tiny Homes.

Job listings

Our Apprenticeship Program is just getting started and a great way to kick-start your career and secure a pathway into our diverse workplace.

Each year, Genuine Tiny Homes will undertake a campaign to promote a range of apprenticeship opportunities across the following discipline areas:

  • Fabrication

  • Carpentry

  • Electrical

  • Plumbing

  • Boilermaking

  • Marketing

These programs will be designed to develop employees who feel strongly connected to our values and objectives whilst being mentored and trained by some of Genuine Tiny Homes best talent in conjunction with Ara Institute of Canterbury.

If you are interested in being considered for one of our apprenticeships, please submit your details here. 

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